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No strings attached

BELLBOY takes another step with you to comfort.
The wireless earphone frees your hands from holding the cellular phone and you’re free for everyday tasks. A button on the earphone provides a quick solution for turning off the phone. The Bellboy is a personal assistant to help you with your cellular communication and improves your efficiency.
Free hands for everyday tasks
Control your cellular phone from a distance
Comfortable use and better sound

Great solution for life in motion

with bellboy you are free to run, bike or wave your hand for a taxi

An experience in
quality and comfort

The earphone is very comfortably placed in the ear.
The structure of the speaker is perfectly anatomically suited to the ear and provides a clear, sharp sound that is devoid of background noise.
The earphone battery is charged through the computer or directly plugged into an electric socket.
The earphone cable is flat and doesn't get jumbled even if you stuff it deep into a pants pocket.
The cellular phone function will express the state of charging battery.

Supports a variety
of devices